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Terms & Conditions

All bookings are subject to these terms and conditions. 

Availability listed on website does not reflect real time. Once booking is made, an automated email confirmation will be sent immediately to your email address provided. We will then send a second email, after checking availability, reconfirming the booking or requesting revisions and also advising pick up instructions based on your location. A payment link to make a deposit of minimum $4500 JMD/$30 USD will be included within this email. Dependi
ng on group size and cruise choices, deposit may be more. If deposit is not made within 48 hours of receipt of payment link, the booking will be removed from our schedule. Unless prearrangements are made, All bookings are now subject to this deposit. Deposit paid will be applied to final balance which is due upon ARRIVAL to our excursion. We do require 24 hours advance notice via email for cancellations to receive refund. If you wish to change your booking in any way, we will do what we can to accommodate.

• Tiki Pon Da Sea is not responsible for inclement weather conditions. In the event of such weather, we will reschedule if possible or refund.

• Generally we need 24 hours notice on bookings with food. Your meal selections must be advised in advance preferably while this booking is made. See menu on site.

• For final payments, We do prefer cash however we also have a credit card scan to pay processing system on board the boat. There will be a 5% fee added for use of this system. We can send links to prepay in advance also with 5% fee. There is no way to pay from this website.   If payment has not been made in advance, we do expect payment to be made to our crew with cash or card upon ARRIVAL and boarding to the boat.  


• While tipping is not required, we greatly appreciate tips to our crew.  Feel free to tip directly to our crew members or by using the tip jar at the front bar for all crew members to share.

• Tiki Pon Da Sea is located in Negril. If you need transportation arranged from other locations around the island we can provide a quote based on how many persons within your group

• Tiki pon da sea can not allow for disruptive, excessively drunken, or difficult behavior, we reserve the right to terminate such persons’ participation in our excursion.

• We do pick up and drop by boat from locations on 7 Mile Beach and bloody bay.  In some cases, depending on your location and our daily booked schedule, we may have to pick up or drop off with our van (no charge to you). We do this to centralize our boardings in effort to keep our schedule on time for all guests.

• Our schedule does change daily based on which cruises are booked so keep in mind boarding times may vary 15/30 minutes. We do stay in contact with any schedule changes.

• If you are running late, we must be notified in advance to try and accommodate. We will only wait 10 minutes past confirmed boarding time for you to arrive after that we will have to move on.

• All Cruises booked are shared rides unless private is requested, arranged and paid for.  Contact us directly to inquire for pricing and ensure availability. 

• For groups over 12 persons, we will email to coordinate as we must ensure we can accommodate. Note - Some people will have to stand in these cases. Max persons allowed 18. Weights could be a factor in larger groups.

•  We can arrange custom cruises for longer duration, private and special occasions. Make a note when booking and we will contact to coordinate further.

• Children of all ages are welcome but must always be accompanied and supervised by an adult and the cruise must be booked private. Please make a note if children are within your group so we can coordinate properly

• Life guards and life vests are on board at all times.  Tiki Pon Da Sea is not responsible for guests who can’t swim and choose not to wear proper life vests. All guests must follow the instructions of our captain and guides at all times to ensure safety for all guests.

• All guests and their belongings are subject to getting wet. Tiki Pon Da Sea can not be responsible for your belongings. We do have places on board to hold your belongings if needed.

 Suggested items to bring on board:
• Towels
• Bathing suit /coverup attire
• Water shoes if booking lunch or breakfast cruise to the island
• Water case for phone or camera 
• Bug spray while on island 
• Sunscreen if easy to burn 
Feel free to bring whatever you’d like on board.

• We do at times take photos and video of our experiences. We reserve the right to use these on our social media and any other promotional material. If you wish to not participate please email us.


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