Come Tiki with me ! 




Book with us for a unique water experience unlike any other you will find in Jamaica- . All ages welcome to enjoy fun in da sun with our amazing Tiki Crew.  Memories will be made and cherished for a lifetime!!!  See our cruise options below to book online and Please make sure to follow, check in, and tag us on facebook and instagram to see and be apart our daily stories.


Lunch Cruise

$ 100 USD per person

2.5 hours excursion to Booby Cay Island. Choice of Lobster, when in season, fish, crab, chicken or vegetarian, & all you can drink Red Stripes & Rum Punch included ! Includes Picnic on the island once finished eating, board back on Tiki then cruise will continue to Bloody Bay and back down 7 mile beach to drop off.


Sunset Cruise

$ 60 USD per person


90 minutes cruise down 7 mile beach or Negril River & all you can drink Red Stripes & Rum Punch included ! Many other liquors available for additional purchase.

Cruise starts between 4:30 and 5pm


Coffee Cruise

$ 50 USD per person

90 minute cruise down 7 mile beach or Negril River & all you can drink Blue Mountain Coffee included ! The coffee we offer is 100% fair trade certified, and profits from the coffee sales go directly to the farmers of blue mountain ! Rum Cream available for additional purchase.

Authentic Jamaican Bush Tea available upon request at additional cost. 


Booze Cruise

$ 60 USD per person


90 minutes cruise down 7 mile beach or Negril River & all you can drink Red Stripes & Rum Punch included ! Many other liquors available for additional purchase (Prearrangement must be made for desired liquors/spirits)


Breakfast Cruise

$ 90 USD per person


7am-10am daily

Excursion to Bobby Cay Island for a picnic style breakfast with your choice of 4 different Breakfast plate options, All you can drink: juice, water, red stripes and rum punch included. 

Add coffee for additional $5 USD per person or add mimosas for $10 USD per person


Mimosa Cruise

$ 75 USD per person


90 minutes cruise down 7 mile beach or Negril River & all you can drink Mimosas.



Our hours are 6am through sunset each day, weather and sea conditions permitting. Last cruise starts at 4:30pm which is sunset cruise.  If weather or sea is an issue, we will reschedule or refund if reschedule not possible.

We pick up and drop from anywhere on 7 Mile Beach and we have a blue tooth speaker box on board to ensure good vibes!


In some cases depending our daily scheduled cruises and amount of guests booked, we may have to pick up or drop off with our van (no charge to you). We do this sometimes to centralize our boarding from one location in order to make the times work logistically for all guests. 

Cruise pick up and boarding times may vary 15/30 minutes. Depending on your location of pick up and our daily schedule as it changes each day. We do stay in contact with any schedule changes. 

Availability listed on website does not reflect real time and any bookings made will still need final confirmation which will come via email after booking is made. 

Generally we need 24 hours notice for lunch and breakfast cruises. 

Suggested items to bring on board:

  • Towels

  • Bathing suit /coverup attire - will get wet in most cases - 

  • Water shoes if booking lunch or breakfast cruise to the island

  • Water case for phone or camera 

  • Feel free to bring whatever you’d like on board. These items have been suggested from previous guests

Children ages 2 and up are welcome- contact us directly for pricing for children.

There will be a service fee with all credit card transactions.

While tipping is not required, we greatly appreciate tips to our crew.

Note--All cruises with children are set as private. We can arrange custom longer duration cruises as well as private Cruises, contact us for pricing and to collaborate!

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We now have road tours available please contact

Tiki Touch Road Tours for collaboration with your map of excursions at:



When an American lady and a Jamaican gentleman had an idea back in 2017 to build a custom one of a kind motorized Tiki bar, nothing could stop us. Our dream became reality in 2018 when our cruising Tiki boat first set sail on the world renowned 7 mile beach in Negril. We made history in Jamaica as nothing like this had ever set sail on Jamaican shores. We take much pride in knowing that our Tiki is 100% Jamaican made and built from the ground up by local Jamaican boat builders. When booking with us know that you are supporting a small family owned and operated business that employs an amazing crew of local Jamaicans to guide and entertain our guests. Our fully stocked bar and famous rum punch is ready for your own personal party Pon Da sea!! We greatly value and appreciate your support to our Tiki Family!!





Cruise with us down 7 Mile Beach or Negril River.

All you can drink on board ! 


All you can drink Red Stripe Beers, Rum Punch, Mimosas or Blue Mountain Coffee.

Fun experience


From 90 minutes to 3 hours excursions, have a blast with us on the Tiki Pon Da Sea !






Tiki Pon Da Sea T-Shirts available for sale


Local pick up only in Jamaica

$20 USD each


“We had an amazing time on Tiki Pom Da Sea. The food, the service, the music and of course the drinks were all amazing. If you’re in Jamaica you need to take a ride on this tiki boat. Thanks for the great souvenirs also. We will be back!!!”


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